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"CHENNAILABB" is a synonym for 'Service and Quality. It was established by our team after gaining proficient experience for over 5 years in related fields in various reputed firm in Chennai. Thanks to the patronage provided by our esteemed dealers and customers on account of our ever rising quality standards. Our products have earned the pride of place in the bosom of our esteemed patrons.

CHENNAILABB products are manufactured under stringent quality control regime under direct supervision of highly qualified engineers and specialist in keeping with its policy of standard quality control.

CHENNAILABB ensures that each and every product is inspected thoroughly by its engineers and technicians just before the packing of the consignment.

We have long network of Dealers & Distributors throughout the length and breadth of the country so as to reach you and attend to your grievances immediately. Our products are marketed under the trade mark "CHENNAILABB"

We Mainly deal with the Following Industries :

  • R&D Laboratories , Research Universities
  • Reputed Arts and Science Colleges
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Industries
  • Petrochemical Industries