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Electrical characteristics

Rf shielding room is used in the special field to shield the signal and avoid the electromagnetic waves shocking. The HM-SE series shielding room is chosen by many customers all around the world. We are willing to design and produce it according to our customer's requirement. The advantage is good quality, fast delivery with the reasonable price.

Model Magnetic Field Plane wave Microwave
14KHz 100KHz 200KHz 50-1000MHz 1-10GHz 18GHz 26GHz 40GHz
HM-SE-A 50dB 60dB 75dB 80dB 80dB 18GHz 26GHz 40GHz
HM-SE-B 60dB 80dB 90dB 90dB 90dB
HM-SE-C 75dB 90dB 100dB 100dB 100dB 80dB 80dB 80dB

All above is the common technical requirement, it's available to design a special project as customer's requirement